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Ya, ya another poem. My muses sort of died of unnatural causes on me and so i'm trying to find some replacment muses. I'll post a story sometime soon though.

On the border of life
On the border of death
There I wait for you
On this border comes
The birth of a boy
The death of a man
There I await for you
Neither living nor dead
For time will come
When I will meet you again

White flowers will fall
Followed by black
For you will be
Both life and death
The coming as one
Light and dark
The opposite twins
Are pulled together
Exist same time
Eternal same place

So here I will wait
On the border of life
On the border of death
Right hand holding a white flower
Left hand holding a black flower
Awaiting your return
Till you awaken my blood
In sleep laden rest
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w00t! Another awesome poem!! :hug: I love the imagery in this one ;D