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Hello once again.
I have decided that I have waited long enough so here is a angsty poem that I have written and I am in love with called Sins. Hopefully sometime later tonight I will be able to add a ghost story after I go hunting later tonight.
Bon Fright!

Screaming softly
slowly crying
my heart’s breaking
as my true love’s dying.
Darkness beckons
as the crimson tears flow
from the hollow windows
of my soul.

Pain and sorrow
have induced
the frigid numbness
that is my noose.
A calm exterior
hides completely
a raging core
of darkness creeping.

Wrath corrupts me
with dark desire
as I fall
from my safety wire.
My wails of anguish
go unheard
among the noise
of the bristling world.

Envy traps me
in emerald chains
to keep my light
somewhat waned.
As I watch love bloom
in other’s hearts
who speak sweet words
soft as larks.

Lust tries to tempt me
with a siren glance
full of youthful grace
and passionate dance.
The last true kiss
of a false façade
leave a bitter taste
etched by claws.

Sloth leads me
In my daily life
through abuse more painful
than the dullest knife.
The world flashes by
at a pace I can’t equal
immobilized by chains
this fate’s eternal.

Gluttony cause
an unquenchable need
of thirst and hunger that
drive maddened deeds.
Hunger, pain,
though my gut do rip
like an iron fist
with a dead mans grip.

Never enough
will it be
what I can get my hands on
when I’m ruled by greed.
Make these desires
disappear, go away
for their haunted calls
cause my resolve to sway.

Prideful boasts
land me in trouble
as I met the fist
of my double.
They hunt me always
for what I’ve said
my broken bones and bruises
caused by rusty lead.

What is it about me
that attracts the sins
7 deadly angels who are
humanity’s kin.
We called to them
and they came
now of strong bright sprits
they have tamed.
Our malevolent protectors
they forever be
for we are too tasty a treat
for them to set free.

Why am I destined
to remain alive
when all I want is
to fall down and die.
In the time
I spent on this earth
I’ve done so much
but nothing of worth.

Forever to infinity
I will be
haunted by the deadly deeds
that call to me.
For they seem to
have become addicted
to my sinful fall
my emotions constricted.

Never once again
will they leave me alone
for they love
my screams and moans.
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