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Battered Wings

Not really horror, but it's angsty and slightly morbid, with a much bigger and squiked story behind it that may or may not ever see the light of day ^^


I want the stars to shine above me
I dream of the crescent moon
only to wake in this dark space

I need to breathe
I want to feel the wind
as I am smothered in scorching air

Will I ever have the courage to reach out of the shadows and grasp the light?

Fires flicker with no heat
and yet they burn
pools of blood scattered among cooling magma and sharp rocks
Sorrow chokes the air
No living thing could survive this

Don’t leave me for the shadows to find

Please release me
stay the whip
unlock the chains

My cries fall on deaf ears
Does it please you that I am so broken?
Living to spite myself
unwilling to scream through the torture

My spirit no longer a part of me
hovering between life and
something else
I turn away from the reaper
but I will not run back to your arms

feathers float to your feet
You have torn my wings
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