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My Mask

Not sure if this fits but i wanna post it :) even though its under my account already....

Lying here staring at the wall
Feeling like my world will fall
Saneness long given to confusion
Clear thoughts all but delusion
Emotion seeps in, tearing me apart
My true self hidden deep in my heart
Ask for the key to make an emotion mask
I’m a pro, but please don’t ask.
Pain and suffering, a dash of some lies
Thrown together in some depression pies.
I can run from the world
As lies, hurt, pain are hurled
But they will catch you,
Fry you, and mash you.
They will leave you miserable
Ugly, unkissable
Lost in your life
You pay the unpayable tithe
And all for what?
To shelter your life with a mask like a hut?
Don’t be a moron like I am and once was
Expose your emotion whether your hurt or just ‘cause
You’ll feel better and not have to suffer
And here is something from my own mother:
“Do as I say, not as I do”
Maybe it can be a motto for you.
When faced with misery, remember all I have said
Don’t follow in the way I went, for your life will seem dead.
If you wish to hurt then I will make you your mask
But I hope, I wish, that you never have to ask.
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